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Bona Certified Contractors

Bona's Certified Contractor program has been implemented throughout the worldwide Bona distribution network to reflect Bona’s policy of providing the best products together with the best technical service.
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The Bona Certified Contractor Program

The Bona Certified Contractor Program (BCCP) is by invitation only. Invited Certified Contractors are industry professionals who demonstrate experitse with all Bona product systems and who demonstrate professionalism in their work practices.

Bona Certified Contractors are fully supported by Bona in Australia and have access to the latest Bona machinery and products in order to provide the best possible results for their clients. In addition BCC contractors can offer the Bona Dust Control System as well as specialised cleaning services with the Bona PowerScrubber system. To view the BCC directory visit BCC Flooring Contractors Listing.

Bona Certified Contractors legally abide by the BCC program requirements including:
  • Fit for purpose use of Bona non-toxic finishes
  • Use of the complete Bona finish system as recommended by Bona
  • Provide information regarding on-going care of Bona finished floors
  • Hold a current policy for public liability insurance (minimum cover $5 million)
  • Meet any relevant state statutory building licence requirements
  • Adhere to relevant health and safety regulations
  • Conduct business in a professional manner

Who Can Join?

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The Bona Certified Contractor program (BCCP) is for professional contractors who meet the program requirements and who demonstrate professionalism in their work practices.

Members of the program are required to accurately specifiy Bona non-toxic finishes. Solvent-based finishes or other products should only be used if specified by an architect or property owner.

Bona Certified Contractors must correctly follow the relavent Bona installation proceedure and specify fit for purpose Bona finish systems. A solvent sealer should never be used under any circumstances as part of a Bona system. BCC's must demonstrate prior effective use of Bona water-based finishes over a period of time to be considered for the program.



Bona Certified Contractor Program Benefits:
  • Promotion of Contractors business using the BCCP logo
  • Marketing support including Bona brochures, van stickers and clothing
  • Your business listed on Bona website – BCC Flooring Contractors
  • Special prices and offers on Bona sanding machines
  • Referrals from Bona head office and sales team requesting competent contractors
  • Promotion of BCCP through consumer products such as Bona Spray Mops

How to Join BCC Program

If you would like to talk to us more about the BCCP please contact us using the Contact page.